6 Tips to Get Rid of Cat’s Stains & Smell of Urine on the Carpet

For those of you who have cats as pets, stains and smell of cat urine on the carpet may be a problem that often arises. Cat urine has a very strong odor, is difficult to dissipate, and is not pleasant. When cats urinate on a carpet or rug, it will be very difficult to get rid of the smell.

Then what should be done to remove stains and odor of cat urine on the carpet? The smell and stain of the cat’s urine must be completely lost because otherwise, the cat will usually return to urinate in the same place.

To get rid of the smell and stains of cat urine on the carpet, you can use a stain remover that can be purchased at a store or it can also be with a cleaning solution that you made yourself. You can also hire the oriental rug cleaning san Antonio which the best expert for maintaining and cleaning the carpet.

Here are tips and steps to clean the stains and smell of cat urine on the carpet:

  1. Find the area or location that is affected by cat urine before cleaning urine stains or odor.
    Of course, it will be easy to see if a cat’s urine stains are still new to the carpet, but need extra effort if the cat’s urine has dried.
  2. Remove the cat’s urine stain as quickly as possible. If it’s on the carpet, take a washcloth and press it with your feet to absorb the urine.
    Avoid rubbing the stain because it will only make the stain widen. Repeat the process of absorbing urine with a cloth for several times.
  3. Make the same ratio of vinegar and water in a bowl. Pour enough vinegar solution onto the carpet until it penetrates into the carpet fibers.
    Use a cloth to absorb excess vinegar mixture, or you can also use a wet vacuum to absorb the excess. Let the area of ​​the carpet being cleaned until it is completely dry.
  4. Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on the carpet. Make half a cup of hydrogen peroxide solution with 2 teaspoons. Liquid detergent in a bowl. Pour this solution into the affected area. Let the mixture dissolve in baking soda.
  5. Take a brush and rub the mixture that has been made onto the stain. Use gloves when rubbing the area affected by cat urine stains.
  6. Let the area being cleaned dry thoroughly before removing the remaining dry baking soda and other mixes with a vacuum cleaner.